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The Peoples Mass

PM Freakout3.jpeg

The Peoples Mass possibly in 1967. Woodward L; Clark C; Foster R.  Brallisford not photographed

The Peoples Mass was a psychedelic rock band who formed around 1964 and played around the North East until 1967.  The lack of apostrophe in their name is deliberate, in reference to the then outwardly respectable Peoples Temple Christian Church Full Gospel, run by infamous cult leader and murderer Jim Jones.

Their stage personae played up to the ecclesiastical nature of their name, with each member referring to eachother only as "Brother" on stage.  It is unclear to what extent they were influenced by German/American band The Monks↗.  

Original Lineup

"Brother George" - George Brallisford: vocals

"Brother Frank" - Frank Warnes: lead guitar

"Brother Fred" - Frederick Foster: rhythm guitar

"Brother Edward" - Edward Clark: bass, vocals

"Brother James" - James "Jumbo" Woodward: drums

Frank Warnes died suddenly in 1965, having drowned after getting tangled in a line while stealing lobster pots. He was not replaced. 

The Rainbow Lounge Rehearsal recordings, c. 1966-1967)

The following recordings are of the band rehearsing, possibly in The Rainbow Coffee Bar↗ in Seaton Carew, where James Woodward had an arrangement with the owners, Ken and Marjorie Tyzak.  It was a frequent joke amongst musicians in the area that this arrangement was the only reason Woodward was allowed to stay in the band, as he had the reputation of being "the second worst drummer in County Durham."

Interview with George Brallisford, c1964

An partial interview with George Brallisford, intended for UK music magazine Beat Instrumental but never published (reasons unknown), can be heard here, with full transcription.

Freak Out, c1967

Recordings and photographs of displays of musical violence at Peoples Mass gigs shortly before the band ceased activity, can be found on this page.  

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