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(Join Hands With) The Peoples Mass


Amongst the fragments from the Rainbow Coffee Bar rehearsal tapes (c1966-1967) was this recording of the band rehearsing their signature song, (Join Hands With) The Peoples Mass.  

(Join Hands With) The Peoples Mass RehearsalThe Peoples Mass
00:00 / 02:01

At 01.01, reference is made to "the turquoise morning" - pools of strange turquoise liquid appearing at Seaton Snook are mentioned elsewhere, including in Gaynor Leigh's explanatory letter of The Crofter's Dream.  There are also references to time loops such as "See the sunrise setting sometimes." 

Join hands with the Peoples Mass

Join hands with the Peoples Mass 

Join hands with the Peoples Mass

And be free

Where the sand meets the sea

Where there’s you and there’s me

Where the sea meets the sky

And there’s you and there’s I

See the sunrise setting sometimes

Right before your eyes

Join hands...

In the land of the blue

Where there’s me and there’s you

And it’s time to wake up

And it’s time time be new

See the turquoise morning changing 

Right before your eyes

Join hands…

If you think you’ll never stay that long

Give yourself to love and know you’re wrong

Join hands…

At 01.15 Brallisford encourages another of the band (possibly Edward Clark) to join in on vocals.  At 01.17 Clark makes a mistake and shouts "Bollocks!"  Clark attempts again at 01.44, and Bralisford once again shouts encouragement.  Brallisford speaks of his desire to include more backing vocals in the band's arrangements in his interview with Beat Instrumental

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