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I Can Hear A Siren
(The Peoples Mass)


Amongst the fragments from the Rainbow Coffee Bar rehearsal tapes (c1966-1967) was this reworking of the local folk song, I Can Hear A Siren.  

I Can Hear A Siren (rehearsal)The Peoples Mass
00:00 / 02:42

I can hear a siren

A skrike o’er roaky Seaton

A bonny way te end me days

Nothin left but hyem to lay

An feel the kelpie’s fingers ways

Aroun me pow aroun me neck

An slip me slip me doon the beck

An scumfish all me thropple noo

An end me days alone wi you

scream; foggy



mermaid; move


float; down the stream

smother; throat

The increasing tempo and volume of playing would occasionally result in violent outbursts on stage, and the destruction of instruments and equipment.  We understand there is a recording of such a performance, which will be detailed in the archive under "Freak Out."  

The ostinato of the guitar also features in "Waves" in Gaynor Leigh's Piano Primer.

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