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Unknown Brass Band - Hartlepool Library Service: See Original

Annie Brownlee, professional violinist and pianist - Mr & Mrs Chappell:  See Original

The Plainsmen - Stan Laundon: See Original 

The Northern Smelting & Chemical Co. Ltd. Staff, September 1943 - Glendenning Archive, Hartlepool Library Service

Dennis Knowles - East Cleveland Polio Clinic Trust

Lee Sonic Ear Valves - Center for Hearing Loss Help, Lynden WA, USA

Mallock Armstrong Ear Defenders - Science Museum, London

Imperial Records Label: Public Domain

Fairground Photographs - Hartlepool Library Service, and Mr Brian Ward

Gaynor Leigh - Gaynor M Leigh Trust

Seaton Snook Mayor's Gala Dinner, 1925 - Hartlepool Library Service, and Hartlepool Museum Service

Rudolph's Houseboat - Ms Isobel Lee

Robson Booth - Mrs C Torrington

Büttel: Archivist's own collection

The Peoples Mass: Archivist's own collection

Ambrose Storer's Shop - Maureen Anderson, Hartlepool Library Service

Fifth Buoy Light - James Whitehead Patterson Collection (Bowes Museum), and Hartlepool Library Service

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