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The Crofter

(with Sumer tempo)


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Snook Smallpipes Tempo Sumer.png
Snook Smallpipes Tempo Sumer.png
The Crofter & Sumer TempoRobson Booth
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The title of this piece comes from a scrap of paper found in the same Ogden's St Bruno Flake tobacco tin as the Seaton Snook Tape Ballad, written in Booth's handwriting. 

The similarities between this and two preceding pieces - the Gaynor Leigh piece The Crofter's Dream, and the Zinc Works Band's recording of the Pity Me Chorale are obvious.  It is unclear as to whether all/both writers were making use of an already existing folk tune, or whether one plagiarised the other. A comparison of the three versions can be found here.

Booth plays the Sumer Tempo, presumably referring to the Summer Solstice celebrations described by Anna Wren.  It is not clear, however, whether or not Booth prescribes the Sumer Tempo for all performances of this particular piece (in the same way he prescribed Tempos for Dorothea and Stinting, for example).




The Seaton Snook Tape Ballad


Tune Type


Snookish characteristics: 

Major 7th interval in bars 7 and 15 [orange boxes]

Ends on Dominant (D or So) [purple circles]


Sumer Tempo played. This is in contrast to the Winter Tempo played in The Crofter's Dream


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