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Comparison of the three variations of the "Crofter" tune

Note that time and key signatures have been standardised across the three variations. The Pity Me Chorale, for example, would more accurately be represented as being in 6/4.

Phrase One - bars 1-4

All three versions are more or less identical.

Phrase Two - bars 5-8

The Crofter's Dream and The Crofter both play identical lines, incorporating the major seventh leap characteristic of the Northumbrian Smallpipes tunes

The Pity Me Chorale starts this phrase in the same way as the other two variations, but finishes with a descending phrase incorporating the flattened seventh and sixth. 

Phrase Three - bars 9-12

All three phrases start identically, but where The Crofter's Dream and The Crofter both reach a comma in a downward direction, the Pity Me Chorale rises up in a succession of three hemiolic perfect fourths to flow smoothly into phrase four  

Phrase Four - bars 13-16

The Crofter's Dream concludes with a phrase similar to the descending Phrase Two of the Pity Me Chorale

The Crofter concludes with an  exact repeat of its own Phrase Two

The Pity Me Chorale concludes with a gradual descent from the heights of bar 13 and is the only one of the three variations that ends on the tonic.  

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