Dorothea (H)


Dorothea H NSP demo
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The Dorothea was a Dutch brig, which ran aground on Blodscar Rocks, off Seaton Snook - this after it had already ran aground at Seaton Carew and been put back to sea.  The wreckage occurred on 10th October 1868, the year of the incident(s) involving Jacob Cox's horse and one week after the third discovery.  A report on the matter was found in the Shields Gazette and Daily Telegraph, and is partly included below.  When we found our scan had been corrupted, we contacted North Eastern Press to obtain another copy, but they claimed not to be able to locate any such article. 

Partial article on the wreck of the Dorothea, 1868


Northumbrian Smallpipes characteristics:

Leaping intervallic figures in bar 7 [pink box]

Snookish characteristics: 

Major 7th interval in bars 5 and 6 [orange boxes]

Ends on Mediant (B or Mi) [purple circles]

Other Comments:

As the Dorothea was wrecked in an Autumn month, the Harvest Tempo has been assigned to the piece, possibly by Robson Booth, and is played before and after the main tune in the above demo.