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Rabbit Hills


Snook Smallpipes Halifax Rabbit Hills MS
Snook Smallpipes Halifax Rabbit
Rabbit Hills
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One of four pieces of music from Seaton Snook so far discovered that refer to the sand dune area of Seaton Snook known as "Jackie Franklin's Rabbit Hills".  The other three feature in Gaynor Leigh's piano primer - Up and Down the DunesPu and Nwod the Senudand Rabbits. None of these pieces are remotely similar to the above piece.  It is a slip jig (triplet feel in 3 time rather than the 2 or 4 time of a "normal" jig)  that alternates hopping, skipping, and running figures, evoking the resident rabbits. 

The sand dunes, and the rabbits, remain where they were before Seaton Snook disappeared.  We have made some recordings of the site already, but will be carrying out a further sonic exploration in the Harvest/Winter periods of 2021, which will be posted in the Sounds section in due course. 

sand-dunes-seaton-1938_medium Frances Wi
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Halifax Manuscript

Tune Type

Slip Jig

Snookish characteristics: 

Major 7th interval in bars 4 and 8 [orange boxes]

Ends on Supertonic, A or Re [purple circles]

Other comments

No Tempo is indicated

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