Up and Down the Dunes

Up and Down the Dunes by Gaynor Leigh
Up and Down the Dunes - Gaynor Leigh
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This is a simple five-finger exercise that could be found in any piano primer.  The direction to play "carefully" seems an odd addition to a piece of this level and for this function - it may well refer to finger position, of course, but I feel it more likely refers to the dangers of playing on the dunes such as getting feet caught in rabbit holes, tripping on hidden fence posts, or simply getting lost.  

Pu and Nwod the Senud

Pu and Nwod the Senud by Gaynor Leigh

Here, Leigh has reversed the title and the fingering of the original piece, forcing the player to play in a completely different position.  This is a recurring theme in the primer, and can also be found in Bow To Your Partner, Checking for Crabs, and Three Legged Race.

A young student in 2019 plays

Pu and Nwod the Senud