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Timon's Getting Married! Sumer


Timon's Getting Married MS.jpg
Snook Smallpipes Tempo Sumer.png
Timon's Getting Married! Sumer.png
Snook Smallpipes Tempo Sumer.png
Timon's Getting Married with Sumer Tempo
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The hermit John Wells, also known as Timon of the Tees, was married (later found to be bigamously) at Seaton Snook Mission on 8th July 1866.  A brief biography of uncertain accuracy can be found on this page.  

A section of 1/4" tape of terrible quality (SS017a) has been uncovered from a Peoples Mass rehearsal, at which either Fred Foster or Frank Warnes (though probably the less-proficient Foster, given the trouble he is having with it) is practising this melody in the background:  

Fred Practising Timon's Getting MarriedPeoples Mass
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Northumbrian Smallpipe characteristic: 

Diatonic transposition in bars 5 and 6 [blue squares]

Snookish characteristics: 

Major 7th interval in bars 1, 3 and 7 [orange boxes]

Ends on Supertonic (A or Rey) [purple circles]

Other comments:

Being a summer event, the piece has been designated the Sumer Tempo, possibly by Robson Booth; the Sumer Tempo is played before and after the main tune in the above demo.

Note the pealing church bell effect in bars 1, 3 and 7.

The words of the title fit perfectly with the rhythm of bars 2, 4 and 8, though we have so far failed to locate a full set of lyrics to go with this piece.  

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