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Hay From Crosby's (S)


Snook Smallpipes Halifax Hay From Crosby
Snook Smallpipes Halifax Hay from Crosby
Hay From Crosby's w Sumer Tempo
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As Seaton Snook was built primarily on either sand dunes or reclaimed salt marshes, growing crops proved to be difficult. The land was fine for grass good enough to be grazing pasture, but other crops were bought from farms in the surrounding villages - Seaton Carew and Greatham.  John Crosby's hayfield was behind Holy Trinity Church in Seaton Carew, and it was from here that the Snook folk bought hay - amongst other things.  Crosby himself (born c1835) was also a butcher in Seaton Carew, and may have had a trade relationship not only with the cattle farmers of the Snook, but also with the various people who would catch rabbits from the dunes




Halifax Manuscript

Tune Type


Snookish characteristics: 

Major 7th interval in bar 6 [orange box]

Ends on Supertonic (A or Re] [purple circles]

Other Comments

Hay would be brought in from Crosby's Farm in Seaton Carew in the Summer, and as such been designated the Sumer Tempo, presumably by Robson Booth. The above recording, therefore, features the appropriate preceding and succeeding of the tune with Sumer.

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