Fetching Up The Watter


Fetching Up The Watter NSP demo
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Although most of Seaton Snook had running water supplied by the Hartlepool Gas and Water Company, people who lived on the houseboats or in the fishermen's huts would rely on using seawater, rainwater, or heated water fetched from the Zinc Works, until 1958, when a stand pipe was fitted at the bottom of Snook Road.

The characteristic "Rant" rhythm (to-MA-TO SOUP) is explained fully in the article on Harrison's Rant.

Seaton Snook Fishermen's Huts.png


Northumbrian Smallpipe characteristic: 

“False relation” in bars 1, 3, 5 and 8 [blue boxes]

Intervalic figures in bars 2 and 4 [pink boxes]; variations on these in bars 4 and 8 [dotted pink boxes]

Snookish characteristics: 

Major 7th interval in bars 2 and 6 [orange boxes]

Ends on Dominant (D or Soh) [purple circles]

Other Comments:

No Tempo indicated.