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Rudolph the Russian Rugmaker

Rudolph the Russian Rugmaker by Gaynor L
Rudolph the Russian RugmakerGaynor Leigh
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Rudolph was a Russian immigrant and worker at the Zinc Works, who lived in one of the many houseboats on Seaton Snook.  A quiet, kindly man, Rudolph would make rugs out of ships rope for his neighbours.  He was also very capable with electronics, and once made a television set from an oscilloscope.  He is mentioned in by Anna Wren and Michael Cole in the Seaton Snook Tape Ballad as this piece is being played in the background, presumably by Robson Booth

Rudolph (Tape Ballad Version)Robson Booth
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The piece, in A minor, is written as a pastiche of a Russian folk song, such as the Song of the Volga Boatmen, and appears to be designed to give the student a start in playing hands together. 

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