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The Fairground

A selection of images of the fairground at Seaton Snook

The Grande Carousel (SS102)

The Grande Carousel was the first of two roundabouts at Seaton Snook fairground.  Its origin is unknown, though it is certainly of English design, as the characters rotate clockwise. Some have theorised it was a prototype by Charles W.F. Dare.  It was donated to the Woking Carousel Museum in 1973, and has since disappeared, most likely to a private collection in Tunisia. 

The music is an adaptation of Waltz of the Graces, originally written by Gaynor Leigh in 1925.  This recording was discovered by chance in the background of the short-lived ITV Meridian magazine programme, Look at Brookwood (episode unknown, likely from 1992):

Grande CarouselLook at Brookwood
00:00 / 01:05

Audio taken from VHS recording

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