Welcome to seatonsnook.com.  I am Peter Falconer.  I am a sonic journalist based in the UK, documenting sounds from places and events all over the world. (What Is Sonic Journalism?)


Up until recently I had worked either on sites currently in use - such as the Mandrake Fields Meditation Park↗̱ in Stockton, California - or on subjects with a well documented and widely accepted history - including my project on the manufacture of Aspirin↗̱.  


Yet it was in a return to the area in which I grew up, that I found the most uncertainty and mystery.


Seaton Snook was an English village on the County Durham coastline.  It was adjacent to Seaton Carew, my hometown.  However, until three years ago, I had never heard of it.  As a child, I had played on the sand dunes and marsh flats where it once stood, but with absolutely no awareness that the site on which I and my friends would run around, was once a thriving community of fishermen, blacksmiths, teachers, preachers, seacoalers, murderers, lovers, musicians and magicians. There was once a church, a school, a fairground, a railway station, an
Air Force base… 


Then, in 1968, it vanished. 


This site is an archive of sounds from and related to the area, as I try and uncover the history of this forgotten town, and hopefully answer the question:

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